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Slow West


So here it is the first morning of a three-day weekend.  I jumped for joy just a little bit after my first cup of coffee.  I love my job but working in a classroom with 18 Kindergartners is not only physically demanding but is very overstimulating.  I’m completely worthless on weeknights.  So on my days off, I relish that energy being directed toward myself and my family.

One night this week I found my tired self in my friend Fran’s kitchen sipping a yummy red wine and enjoying a raclette happy hour.  If you’ve never heard of raclette, it’s a Swiss dish of melted cheese, typically eaten with potatoes.  In the center of the table is a small heating element on which you melt your personal small pan of raclette cheese.  Then you eat the cheese with small toasts, pickles, veg, and/or cold cuts.   The cheese is seasonal, but gruyere will work at other times of the year.  What a treat to be with good friends but still, I yawned approximately one hundred times.  I’m so tired of being tired all the time! I’m starting to eye those suspicious little bottles of “Five Hour Energy” potion they sell at the grocery at check out.

We were supposed have a beach weekend in Rocky Point (Mexico) this weekend but it’s just too danged cold.  The main purpose of our trip was to see the whales.  Last January my sister and I stayed an entire week at our little beach condo and had excellent whale sightings.  But the whales have not yet reached our little Sea of Cortez; it’s too cold even for them!  So we decided to enjoy our long weekend here at home and hope to drive south to see the whales next month.

Hubby and I watched a fabulous movie last night called Slow West.  It stars the actor Michael Fassbender and was filmed in New Zealand.  The story is riviting and so visually arresting that I kept gasping, “You could put a frame around this shot and hang it in a museum!”  Which was probably really annoying to Hubby, who was watching the movie with me.  Anyway, it takes place in the American West and in Scotland, and somehow  the colors have been altered which gives the landscape a glowing, vivid quality.  Oh, and the music is hauntingly beautiful.  The plot is slow and simmering.  I love a Western, but I promise you it’s character driven, not “actioney.”  My sons love the “actioney” movies, and I can’t stand them.  This is hands down the best movie I’ve seen in AGES!

We finished the movie and hit the hay.  Lately I’ve had such vivid dreams.  Last night I dreamed I had my old rolltop oak desk and when you rolled it open, there was a kitten on every shelf.  CUTE!  In my dream I was having great fun choosing names for all of them.  The only names I can remember this morning are Lyle (for Lyle Lovett), Fassbender, Slick, and Potluck.   I also dreamed I cleaned the inside of my fridge.  What a disappointment to open it today and find crumbs, smudges of sticky jam, a spilled milk puddle, and cat hair.  Yes, that’s right:  cat hair.  UGH. Perhaps I will do a little drunk cleaning later this afternoon.  Pour a cocktail, crank the tunes, and tackle my worst household jobs. Hubby is working on the design for my latest invention:  a cup holder for my vacuum.

So here I am at the end of my news and it is only 9:41.  I’m starving since all I ate for dinner was ruffled potato chips with onion dip, and an orangarita (OJ and tequila).  My diet is terrible, which explains not only my fatigue but also my robust physique.  For lunch I will most definitely eat a salad.