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Dear Hubby,

I know you’ve only been gone 36 hours, but I thought you’d want to know how we’re doing since you boarded that plane for Delhi yesterday morning.  The pictures you posted on Facebook were actually a bit disappointing; I thought it would all look more “foreign.”  I’m sure once you reach Bangalore you will see so many new things, and I hope you’ll take lots of pictures.

So here is a short report of some stuff you missed:

Ruby the Wonder Spaniel keeps barking out the front window at your car parked in the driveway.  We have visited your car five times in the last hour.  She has sniffed it thoroughly, we’ve gone back inside, and ten minutes later, she begins to bark again as if you are home. There has bee a lot of “woo-wooing” for you.  If this goes on for many more days, I will be buying her a muzzle, or perhaps a strong sedative.

I still have not mopped the spills from our big graduation party on Saturday.  Maybe soon? I hate to mop.  The party was grand, and thanks for all of your help, especially when you knew you were going on this important international work trip early the next morning.  I keep smiling thinking of how many wonderful family and friends attended our event to help us celebrate William and his friends.  We are so very blessed!

I was happy to get back to school today to see my favorite Kindergartners.  The only downside was the song chosen for morning meeting:  “Tooti Ta.”  OMG, I hate that song with a red-hot passion.  The bad news: it’s still stuck in my head.  The good news:  one of our girls scratched a mosquito bite on her leg and was bleeding, so OH DARN, I had to take her to get a band aid and missed most of the song.

I had the most lovely dream this morning that I was roller skating with Dan and Kyle from Bastille.  The three of us were alone in a lush, amazingly beautiful park filled with fragrant flowers and dense trees. We skated on a smooth path and were skating so fast, it felt like we were flying. Afterwards we rested on a grassy knoll, and in a moment of happiness, I leaned over and kissed Dan on the cheek. He didn’t seem to mind too much.  (I know I’m weird and totally embarrassing and too old to be a fan girl–so sorry.)

Eve says she is totally prepared for her big EMT certification test on Wednesday.  She stopped by last night to check on me and the pets.  William has not been around much. Between working and friends he is very busy, but always so good to tell me where he is when I ask.  I stopped by Patrick and Samantha’s and met their five rescue kittens who were tumbling all over each other. They were totally adorable, though extremely stanky after a ringworm treatment at the vet’s.

I watched two wretched movies on Amazon Prime yesterday:  A Walk in the Woods and School of Life.  I finished the first one because the scenery was beautiful (even though the pace was painful), but I only made it through 20 minutes of the next angsty show about a dying teacher at a private school. Egad!  It got four stars! The plot, the cast, and the story line were all total poop!  Who watches these dreadful things???

You’d better sit down for this last bit of news:  After work today, I went to the gym.  That’s right. I swear it’s true.  It was worse than usual since the gym was filled with awkward middle-aged men (some without shirts on–is that even allowed?), but I stuck it out and currently have 15693 steps on my Vivofit step counter.

That’s it for my news.  Please don’t forget to take those malaria pills . . . and be so careful about the water.  Do not buy me a knock-off designer purse because I do not know or care about designers. (Remember the smelly woven leather shirt you brought me from Mexico that one time?)  Get the work done so you don’t have to go back . . . because we miss you.




Troglodyte Cannibals


A week ago Sunday, I read a blog about a man who had taken a “21-Day No Complaining Challenge.” His name is Rabbi Brian and for years I’ve enjoyed reading his “Wisdom Biscuits.” Anyway, it’s usually a Sunday when I decide (for various reasons) my life isn’t working as well as it should, so I jumped on board that no complaining train. I excitedly told Hubby all about it, explaining that I’d been a little too whiny lately and would like to make my sweet disposition even sweeter (lol). How hard could it be?

Well. Halfway through the VERY FIRST HOUR, I realized I had complained four times! My knee hurt, we were out of milk, I’d forgotten laundry in the washer the day before and it was sour, and worst of all, I yelled, “Peeuw! This cat box smells like something died in it!”

After taking a Motrin for my knee, putting milk on the grocery list, fixing the laundry, and scooping the cat box, I sat down to contemplate the matter at hand. Were those things I’d said really complaints? I mean, I was simply stating the truth. The things I said were facts! What was the difference between a negative fact and a complaint?

For the rest of that day and into the next, I mulled over the challenge, putting on my philosopher’s hat. I was still thinking about it at lunch the next day and talked it over with the gals in the teacher’s lunchroom. That’s when someone said, “Maybe what you”re searching for are The Four Gates of Speech. I learned them in yoga.”

YES! I’d heard of this before, but had not been ready to learn the lesson (silly grasshopper). Here is an explanation of The Four Gates of Speech:

An old Sufi tradition advises us to speak only after our words have managed to pass through four gates.

At the first gate, we ask ourselves, “Are these words true?” If so, we let them pass on; if not, back they go.

At the second gate we ask, “Are they necessary?”

At the third gate we ask, “Are they beneficial?” and at the fourth gate, we ask, “Are they kind?”

If the answer to any of these is no, then what you are about to say should be left unsaid.

This is exactly what I was needing. It’s much clearer than just saying, “No complaining.” Wish me luck with my desire to practice better communication skills . . . with much less blurting and fewer negative observations.

I’ll leave you with a movie review for a film we watched on Netflix Saturday night called Bone Tomahawk. I love a Western and this looked like a good story with a great cast. Kurt Russell (remember The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes . . . and even more importantly he is married to Goldie Hawn), Matthew Fox from Lost, Richard Jenkins, who was amazing in Six Feet Under, Patrick Wilson (who plays the same character in every movie and is always wimpily handsome), and last but not least, Courtney Cox’s ex, David Arquette. Well. I made it through til the end, but only after running away at least four times saying, “I can’t take it anymore!” Seriously, I blame myself. Why on earth the words “kidnapped by troglodyte cannibals” in the description didn’t catch my eye, I’ll never know. Even though I truly thought it was a quality movie, I will never be able to unsee some of the vivid, violent, horrid, and torturous scenes shown in this movie. OMG. And this from a girl who can watch The Walking Dead without flinching. Yep.


Coming of Age




Fry’s Marketplace/

I’m back at the Redbox dispensing cubey thing. To avoid the acute embarrassment of standing there one more minute than necessary, I’d researched my five first choices at home (because renting a Redbox movie says to the World that you are a sad lonely figure with no social life).  ACCKK! Nothing was available except my last choice. So yes, last night I watched the never-award-winning film called Two Night Stand. It was a little movie about a dating site hookup for two awkward people in their twenties. Honestly, it wasn’t really that bad. It truly had some great moments. I laughed out loud several times, and I liked all of the actors. It’s not fair to compare it to Unbroken, which was my first choice!

I love war movies (weird, I know), but my next favorite film category is “Coming of Age.” This is probably due to the fact that I had such rich experiences during my own teen years. I have an excellent memory and can recall conversations I had at a party at Linda Person’s house when her dad was out of town and we had the biggest band party of our senior year. This “talent” of mine (remembering things) simultaneously delights and appalls my old high school friends who would mostly rather leave the past in the past.

So here is a list of my favorite Coming of Age movies. Some tell the story of a person during their teen years, and some focus on their early twenties. If you had things figured out in your early twenties, kudos to you, but for myself that was truly a growth period. And new scientific research reports major brain development until age 25. Which explains SO MUCH.

Almost Famous is about a 15-year-old boy in the 1970’s who goes on tour with a rock band and writes for Rolling Stone Magazine. I should not admit this, but I watch it at least once a year. The movie is full of memorable scenes, and at the very least, you’ll enjoy the blast-from-the-past fashions. The acting is AMAZING (I must say it again: AMAZING!), and I cry every single time I watch the scene on the tour bus when they’re all singing Elton John’s Tiny Dancer. This movie sucks you into their world (and aren’t those the best movies?).

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist was made in 2008 and depicts New Jersey high school seniors who have a big night clubbing in New York City. Did you ever have a night out with your friends that seemed to go on and on, with so much drama and excitement and romance? This movie feels like one of those nights as this movie depicts only 24 hours in these characters’ lives. It took me right back to age 17. The actors are charming, and this movie made me laugh over and over again.

Diner is a period piece that takes place in Baltimore, Maryland in 1959. These high school friends, now in their early twenties, have gathered to participate in a wedding that may or not happen. The sets are amazing, accurately and convincingly depicting music, fashion, restaurants, and cars of that era. This is probably one of my favorite movies of all time due to the witty banter that always cracks me up. I wish MY friends were that funny!

Another is Stand By Me. I’ve always loved Stephen King, and this movie compliments his short story from which it is abstracted. I’m blown away by the quality of acting considering the fact that the actors were in their early teens when they made this movie. This story is nostalgic and reminds me of stories my father would tell me about his childhood growing up in a small town in northern Illinois.

And last, but not least, is Ferris Buehler’s Day Off. I was in college and working two jobs when this film was released, so you can imagine how the concept of “a day off” resonated with me at that time. It’s just silly. I love every bit of it. I was thrilled to discover my kids loved this movie as much as I do. This might be my favorite comedy ever.

And for chicks, there’s 13 Going on 30, Catch and Release, and The Greatest.

Congratulations for sticking with me through my little love letter to the movies. I have more news and a recipe, however, since you’ve been so patient, I’ll save those for tomorrow. As my friend Lois says, “I want to read your blog, really I do . . . but there are just SO many words!”

Cheers and Happy Movie Watching,