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Goodbye Home


I’m beyond excited for our UK Adventure to begin tomorrow.  But . . . as much as I love to travel, I also don’t like to be away from home for very long.  Two weeks will be a REALLY long time to be away from my sweet kitties (Cosmo, Attila, and Olive) and from Ruby the Wonder Dog.  I’ve arranged the very best care for all of them (thanks to Samantha and Sylvia), but I know there will be days when I’m wishing I could click my heels and come home for an hour of pet snuggles.

While going about my business today, I’ve been comically meloncholic.  This afternoon, I fetched the mail and with a little wave, I whispered, “Goodbye, Mailbox.  I won’t be seeing you for awhile.”  At the grocery store, I sadly took a mental picture, thinking how strange it will feel not shopping at Fry’s for two weeks.  I’ve barely been able to complete a task for having to stop and cuddle the pets.

This afternoon as I was awash in sentimentality, saying goodbye to all of the things that make up my every day life, this popped into my brain. Massive apologies to Margaret Wise Brown (who is likely rolling in her grave).

Goodbye Home

Goodbye home
Goodbye phone (I didn’t pay for UK access)
Goodbye dog chewing on a bone
Goodbye light
And the scurrying scorpions  (killed 26 in the yard yesterday and two in the house today)
Goodbye chairs
Goodbye piles of cat hair
Goodbye quiet pool where Hubby and I float
Goodbye computer on which I wrote.
Goodbye mockingbird that interrupts my sleep
Goodbye neighbor’s car always saying beep beep

Goodbye kittens
And goodbye mittens
Goodbye tequila
And goodbye beers
Goodbye dusty house
And goodbye dears
Goodbye kitchen stereo to which I dance
And goodbye stack of unread books.
Goodbye  stinky cat boxes.
Goodbye mush
And goodbye to the old lady (who me?)
who is certainly a lush,
Goodbye stars
Goodbye air
Goodbye noises everywhere.

Wow. That was truly terrible. Apologies all around. I will miss my sweet pets and my comfy home.  Send positive energy toward this ridiculously angsty traveler as she jets off tomorrow afternoon for parts unknown.







Dear Hubby,

I know you’ve only been gone 36 hours, but I thought you’d want to know how we’re doing since you boarded that plane for Delhi yesterday morning.  The pictures you posted on Facebook were actually a bit disappointing; I thought it would all look more “foreign.”  I’m sure once you reach Bangalore you will see so many new things, and I hope you’ll take lots of pictures.

So here is a short report of some stuff you missed:

Ruby the Wonder Spaniel keeps barking out the front window at your car parked in the driveway.  We have visited your car five times in the last hour.  She has sniffed it thoroughly, we’ve gone back inside, and ten minutes later, she begins to bark again as if you are home. There has bee a lot of “woo-wooing” for you.  If this goes on for many more days, I will be buying her a muzzle, or perhaps a strong sedative.

I still have not mopped the spills from our big graduation party on Saturday.  Maybe soon? I hate to mop.  The party was grand, and thanks for all of your help, especially when you knew you were going on this important international work trip early the next morning.  I keep smiling thinking of how many wonderful family and friends attended our event to help us celebrate William and his friends.  We are so very blessed!

I was happy to get back to school today to see my favorite Kindergartners.  The only downside was the song chosen for morning meeting:  “Tooti Ta.”  OMG, I hate that song with a red-hot passion.  The bad news: it’s still stuck in my head.  The good news:  one of our girls scratched a mosquito bite on her leg and was bleeding, so OH DARN, I had to take her to get a band aid and missed most of the song.

I had the most lovely dream this morning that I was roller skating with Dan and Kyle from Bastille.  The three of us were alone in a lush, amazingly beautiful park filled with fragrant flowers and dense trees. We skated on a smooth path and were skating so fast, it felt like we were flying. Afterwards we rested on a grassy knoll, and in a moment of happiness, I leaned over and kissed Dan on the cheek. He didn’t seem to mind too much.  (I know I’m weird and totally embarrassing and too old to be a fan girl–so sorry.)

Eve says she is totally prepared for her big EMT certification test on Wednesday.  She stopped by last night to check on me and the pets.  William has not been around much. Between working and friends he is very busy, but always so good to tell me where he is when I ask.  I stopped by Patrick and Samantha’s and met their five rescue kittens who were tumbling all over each other. They were totally adorable, though extremely stanky after a ringworm treatment at the vet’s.

I watched two wretched movies on Amazon Prime yesterday:  A Walk in the Woods and School of Life.  I finished the first one because the scenery was beautiful (even though the pace was painful), but I only made it through 20 minutes of the next angsty show about a dying teacher at a private school. Egad!  It got four stars! The plot, the cast, and the story line were all total poop!  Who watches these dreadful things???

You’d better sit down for this last bit of news:  After work today, I went to the gym.  That’s right. I swear it’s true.  It was worse than usual since the gym was filled with awkward middle-aged men (some without shirts on–is that even allowed?), but I stuck it out and currently have 15693 steps on my Vivofit step counter.

That’s it for my news.  Please don’t forget to take those malaria pills . . . and be so careful about the water.  Do not buy me a knock-off designer purse because I do not know or care about designers. (Remember the smelly woven leather shirt you brought me from Mexico that one time?)  Get the work done so you don’t have to go back . . . because we miss you.





“Touchstone:  Person of importance. Significant other. Your constant, the person who completes you and makes you whole. A true friend without criticisms and judgements, who loves you unconditionally.”  (Urban Dictionary)

Last weekend Hubby, my sister, and I traveled across hills and valleys, across vast deserts and through cactus-filled badlands, past wind turbines and gas stations, and Starbuck’s and finally at dinnertime, we arrived Somewhere Near Palm Springs, where we spent two whole days talking at warp speed with my peeps from northern Illinois:  Aunt Chris and Uncle Randy, and Aunt Linda and Uncle Bill.

It was great.  I miss having family nearby.  I tried to explain to friends about how I was looking forward to being with my “elders.” I’m not sure if anyone understood what I meant, but for me, it’s a touchstone to be with people who knew me when I was a child (although I could have done without the stories of my potty training days, ha ha).  My aunts are only 13 and 16 years older than me and did their time babysitting me when I was a baby so have many a good story to tell, as do my uncles as I had a part in their stories of courting my aunts back in the early 1970’s.

The rental house where we stayed in was very luxurious, and the view of the California mountains was spectacular (they don’t grow them that tall here in Phoenix), and the heated pool and jacuzzi were such a treat after a long week at work.  We were on a golf course and it was fun to watch the golfers go by during the day, and the dogs being walked at night. We ate, we laughed, we sipped wine, we said I love you’s.  I’m still smiling.

I’m always surprised when my siblings and I revert to childish ways of speaking with one another.  Crossing the desert on I-10, the wind buffeted the car about, especially whenever I passed a semi truck. I was feeling quite terrified traveling at a speed of 83 miles per hour in our tiny 3000-pound Prius (an average small SUV weighs twice this much) but was trying to be brave, fidgeting to distract myself.  Wiping my sweaty palms on my jeans and sweeping my hair from my eyes for a better view did not help to steady our course.  From the backseat, my sister says, “I am TRYING to WORK on my laptop back here!  Could you please maintain a steady speed and try NOT to weave so much! Oh my GOD!”  Well. I pointed my index finger toward the vast desert and said to my sister, I see a perfectly wonderful spot where you could work right there.  See that big saguaro?  Shall I drop you off? And then she quieted down. Whenever I heard her grumble, I’d give her the stink eye in the rear view mirror, and it’s so funny because it reminds me of when we were little and sharing a bedroom and how we would get stinky with each other about this or that.  But mostly I remember reading the entire Little House on the Prairie series to her by the light of the alarm clock and how happy I was always to have her there in the same room because I suffered from terrible nightmares and it was such a comfort to have her solid little self sleeping peacefully nearby.  What keeps us close as adults is our mutual love of Mexican food, Barry Manilow, Arlo Guthrie, tequila, Lyle Lovett, The Counting Crows, vacationing on beaches, and The Dixie Chicks. She is my only sister, and I love her.

I am new to working five days a week, and while escaping on a Weekend Adventure was so much fun, I arrived home Sunday night at 8 to a dirty house, six loads of dirty laundry, pet hair knee-deep, and a fine coating of dust everywhere.  Good grief.  I needed a weekend AFTER my weekend! One of these things needs to happen:  1) Get rid of all the pets.  2)  Move to a smaller house.  3) Spend all of my free time cleaning. OR 4) Hire a cleaning lady.   Number 4 seems like the best option.  This morning William toasted a bagel for breakfast and when he sat down at his favorite spot at the kitchen table, he found a handful of cat litter. That’s so not cool.  Do not imagine our house is some huge pit . . . but we certainly could use some help.



Easter Chicks


We had a busy weekend, and it wasn’t until Sunday afternoon that I realized Easter was just NEXT WEEK. Which meant currently it was Palm Sunday.  Taken by surprise, I announced loudly, “Did anyone realize today was Palm Sunday?” Hubby and  William both said, today, really?  And went back to their computer screens.

But me?  I went up to Patrick’s room where I keep all our old photos.   I have them sorted by year in boxes.  I am not a scrapbooker.  When I first heard that there was a new hobby in which grown women cut out teddy bears and balloons and pasted them about photos of their offspring, I was aghast.  What was the world coming to?  So I started a counterculture hobby which I called “Backscrapping”, which consisted of clipping absurd photos and word groupings from magazines, then pasting them together onto card stock with ric rac, lace, and buttons.  I gave them as birthday cards to friends, who kindly pretended to be impressed by my craft prowess.  (I’m always on the lookout for hobbies that can be done when one is slightly unsober. Blogging is my latest.)

But I digress.

In the boxes of photos, I quickly found what I was looking for:  Photos of Palm Sunday!  When the kids were little, we attended church quite regularly, and oh my, I found my favorite picture from that time.  How cute Patrick and William look wearing their dress pants and ties, and Eve is adorable in a fluffy pink dress with matching Easter hat.  All three are holding large Palm fronds and smiling into the sun, and it just breaks this old mother’s heart to compare life then, to life now. Of course we are so lucky that all three have grown up so well without too much trauma along the way, but I will not lie:  I miss the times when they were little: taking them for ice cream, singing along with Raffi in the car, and lots of big sticky hugs and kisses.   If only there was some way to turn back time 13 years to that pretty Palm Sunday in March!  I think that was the year that our dog Rosie found the Easter candy which I had hidden in a big bag in the back of the closet.  She ate it all, including a whole bag of foil-covered chocolate eggs.  I found poop covered in colored tin foil in the yard for weeks!

It’s healthier NOT to look at those old photos and just Be Happy Now. I sighed and put the photos away. I’m so glad all my chicks will be returning home next Sunday for Easter dinner. I plan to make a silly Easter cake with marshmallow peeps on top, and also a cheese dip in the shape of a carrot, and am hoping to find some bunny ears at the Dollar Store for all of us to wear. I’m sure it will be a fun day.

And how lucky I am to have four fabulous pets to take the place of young children.  I have a need to nurture. Olive seems to have a built-in loneliness sensor and at random times during the day, she’ll run over and start licking my leg.  She is not a lap cat by nature, but will sit quietly if she knows I need it.  Cosmo can always be found napping in his favorite places, and has the plushest fur to nestle my face into.  Tilly tells me she loves me with her extremely loud purring, often putting her nose to mine, as if to say, “I’m just checking on you.”  And Ruby—-well you know that we have a special bond.  She takes care of me by barking when someone is coming to the door, and more recently barks vigorously when I get the vacuum out.  I think she is saying, “Life is too short to spend cleaning the house.” The other day before leaving for the art museum, I gave Ruby a big hug goodbye, and got not only her eye booger stuck on my lip but also her wet snout print on my silk shirt.

Life is good.