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Random Musings on a Wednesday


Since the news last week that our oldest son is engaged to be married, I’ve thought long and hard about losing weight.  I have eating habits similar to that of a college student: pizza, nachos, and chicken wings every chance I get.  I have a lot of changes to make if I’m going to reduce my dress size by three in just one year’s time.  I started my diet yesterday. I did a 15-minute abs and also a 10-minute arms videos, and OUCH my muscles hurt today. I was doing well with the diet (one pint blueberries, a 3-ounce piece of grilled chicken, a salad with light dressing) until I met my sister-in-law for happy hour at Hillside Spot.  We were having so much fun that I had THREE IPAs and came home and ate 1/3 bag of cheese popcorn.  #dietfail  #iheartmysil #beerisfood

I didn’t get much done off my to-do list today.  I did return some awful tunic dresses I bought at Target last week—they were so poorly made I’m sure they would have been unwearable after one time through the wash. I visited PetSmart and bought a $70 bag of prescription cat food.  Our Cosmo has urinary problems with regular food, and since we have three cats, all of them must eat the expensive kibble.  Good thing they reward us each day with their adorableness and love. #dressingfatishard  #lovemycats

I dusted and oiled our wood furniture which is a huge chore, but silly to pay someone to do it.  If you do not live in the Arizona desert, you cannot understand dust the way we have it. It’s been so windy this week, and our old windows don’t keep it out. The dust builds up to an eighth inch weekly over every surface in my house!  Hubby and I bought antiques when we first married; funny that now they are worth practically nothing, but we still enjoy their beauty and history.  I recall my mom complaining about the dust when we first moved to Tempe in 1974–it’s really a thing, but low on the list of things to complain about these days.  #firstworldproblems  #iheartthedesert  #arizonagirl

A library book was due back so I spent an hour skimming through Grit:  The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth.  I’d heard her interesting Ted Talk, which made the book a bit redundant.  Her story is about how she didn’t make the cut to be in “gifted” classes in elementary school, but by working hard she proved herself and eventually won a MacArthur Grant (also called a genius grant) and has worked as a teacher, an author, and psychologist.  Fabulous book—a real easy, interesting read.  I was hoping to find a magic cure for my inability to start the novel I want to write and keep making excuses for, but nope.  Nothing stuck.  My story is the opposite:  always in gifted classes but have not one iota of grit.  #lazybum #serialprocrastinator #nogumption #afraidtotry #bigwuss

I spent waaaaaay too much time looking at Facebook, but from all of the pages I’ve liked post-election, I feel like I’m back in college majoring in political science. So many article to read about the current state of affairs.  Reading about Trump’s first week in office made my feel physically sick.  I was extremely careful not to discuss politics pre-election, so much that I would hesitate before hitting “like” for a liberal FB page because I have friends red and blue.  From the few pre-election conversations I had with my “red” friends, what I kept hearing is “Trump just says he’s going to do that stuff.  He’s not really going to  We need a businessman!”  I wonder what they’re thinking this week?  I hope they are having a really bad case of the “on no’s” . . . because he really DID mean all that he said.  #civilrights #meltingpot  #alternativefacts  #scaredforthefuture

Groundhog’s Day is only one week from today!  Are you ready?  When I had my own preschool class, I always made a big deal about Groundhog’s day.  We’d make a cake, and I’d put a photo of a groundhog on top.  We’d sing Groundhog Day songs, and I’d show the children the video of Punxsutawney Phil emerging from his hole to see his shadow . . . or not.  They were mesmerized!  I’m not sure if it’s Phil’s cute little face, the handler dressed in coat and top hat, or just the tradition of the thing, but I’m a sucker for Groundhog’s Day every year. #lovetradition  #billmurrayfan  #weathergeek

I believe that’s enough drivel for today.  I swear if I could control it, I would, but writing is like an addiction–and there’s no help group or prescription gum to make you stop.