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Soup Will Save You


Our 21-year-old daughter was in a terrible car accident on Tuesday afternoon.  Two days later, I’m still feeling quite shaken.  She immediately sent me photos of our totaled car, and my mind simply cannot comprehend how it is she is still alive.  But she’s doing well: very sore all over, especially her neck, and one shin is really bruised after it hit the dash and will be pretty colors in a few days.  Luckily she works in a doctor’s office and has been advised on how to treat her neck. All is well.

This is what happened:  Eve was on the freeway at a dangerous area where two freeways converge (the 101, and the 202 in Mesa).  In your mind, picture cars going 70 mph and then turning a corner to find traffic completely stopped. Eve was stopped in a middle lane and in her rear view mirror, saw a car speeding toward her, the driver’s face pointed at her lap. Eve whispered, “Please don’t hit me, please don’t hit me,” then WHAM!  Eve was pushed into the car in front of her, and that car crashed into the car in front of them. Nobody was very injured (again, THANK YOU, UNIVERSE for this miracle).  Hubby took care of the whole thing since when I am in the classroom, I have my phone silenced and try to stay focused on our students.

Today Hubby and I went to the garage where the police had towed Eve’s car.  She was at work, and we needed to gather her belongings before what was left of our 2010 Prius went to auction for parts.  The nice young man silently led us to the lot of totaled cars.  We rounded a corner, and I saw it. I gasped and tears came to my eyes.  How did my girl survive this???  The front end was completely collapsed  and crumpled, and it was hard to open the passenger door.  The airbag had deployed, and the dash and window were cracked.    Tears trickled down my face as we quietly gathered Eve’s stuff from the Prius, which she always called her “spaceship” and which now she is saying “gave her life for me.”

Eve and Hubby seem fine, however, I feel traumatized.  We would drive ourselves insane if every day we got out of bed and considered all of the dangers lurking outside the front door, or if we thought about the bad driving (AZ is one of the worst states for aggressive drivers), or focused on random gun violence.  How can you live your life if you wake up and think, will someone I love be hurt today?  We are wired to shut out the negative so that we can be productive and happy in our days.  I know all of this. BUT: This week, I’m feeling fragile and shaken and afraid.  Overall I am completely in awe that our Eve walked away from that heap of twisted metal with only bumps and bruises, and by next week, I 100% know I will be feeling normal again.  Pondering mortality is not something I’m comfortable with at this point in my life.  But today?  I’m feeling raw.

Here is the good news:  I’m listening to Emmylou Harris, sipping tequila, and making soup. I had a bin of “veg on the verge” so I threw it all in a pot with some chicken shmaltz and veggie stock where it is bubbling optimistically on my stove top.  You can’t mess up soup—if it tastes weird, you can always save it by adding a pinch of this or a snip of that. Words of Wisdom from Yours Truly:  “Soup can always be saved, and Soup will always Save You.”  TRUTH.  Soup is buoying!  When you’re down, the homey flavors that evoke memories of Grandma’s kitchen will lift you up, body and soul.  Same truth with Emmylou and tequila . . . (except not the Grandma’s kitchen part–Grandma was a Midwestern Methodist and teetotaler, excepting for a sip of sweet wine at special occasions like weddings and graduations).

Thanks for listening.



Saying a Proper Goodbye to 2015


Seriously, I can’t believe it’s already 2016.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I hate how quickly time passes.  The days of my life blow quickly by, just like in  old movies where the passage of time is depicted with calendar pages being blown into the wind.  Yep, that’s my life.

Now is the time where you would expect me to share my New Year’s resolutions for 2016. I’m keeping it simple by making the same resolution I’ve made for the past ten years: EAT MORE PIE. Pie is delicious and makes me happy. If it is a fruit pie (my favorite), then it’s a healthy choice. If it’s an apple pie, it will keep the doctor away (according to that old adage).

New Year’s resolutions are for amateurs.  Instead of making a stupid list of stuff everyone knows you’ll give up by mid-January, this is my proposition:  How about we  look back on the past year and make a list of what we’ve learned? If you are a sentient human being, you will no doubt have a) made mistakes b) made note to do things differently next time and c) likely did some cool stuff that you didn’t expect to do. Instead of examining our psyches and making a list of flaw with vows to make radical changes, how about look back at the A, B, and C (which I just listed). We can call them the Mistakes, Changes, and What Went Well.  And then (if you feel like it) you can add a list of things you are working on. We can call that list “Guilty Pleasures.”

Here’s some stuff I jotted down:


  • Decided working at Pier One would be fun (a ridiculous waste of time where I spent paycheck on pretty things).
  • Decided writing and self-publishing a book would be fun and profitable.
  • Chose to eat two lunches and two dinners each day and not exercise.


  • Worked hard to find a meaningful job (Yay, Awakening Seed School!).
  • Persisted while learning the very difficult computer program to publish my book about Mexico which nobody bought.
  • Chose to eat in a more healthful way and am still trying to lose the weight gained last year.

What Went Well This Year:

  • I found a job in a stimulating environment where I am able to use the skills unique to my person and which makes me very happy.
  • I self-published a book called Beach Dreams about my vacations in Rocky Point, Mexico. It has a beautiful photo on  the cover which I took myself, I’ve had great reviews from the very few people who have read it, and it is available on Amazon.
  • I’m enjoying my first year of owning a plot at the community garden where I’ve grown yummy veggies.
  • I have four pets who are entertaining and adorable.
  • My children are generally happy and nice to spend time with.
  • My writing hobby gives me pleasure (and saves me in therapist bills since I work it all out on the page.)
  • I’ve had many adventures in hiking with friends on new and different trails in the Phoenix area (Cacti, Coyotes, and Gila Monsters . . . Oh My!)
  • I’m extremely fortunate to have a nurturing group of friends and family who make me feel loved.

Guilty Pleasures (areas of improvement and notes to self):

  • Words with Friends is probably good for your brain . . . but probably not healthy if you play it two hours each day.
  • More novels—less Facebook.  Oh how I love looking at posts from friends!  The photos!  The sharing of adventures!  If it makes me happy, is it wrong?
  • Which leads me to this: Tequila is clearly not the answer . . . what was the question???
  • Reminder:  Food you eat whilst standing up in the classroom, or while driving in the car, or while prepping a meal REALLY DOES HAVE CALORIES. Don’t give up on your figure–you can be fit.
  • Stop expressing your love for certain bands and talking about music so much. People think it’s weird (even though it’s your passion–it’s okay to keep some stuff to yourself).
  • Stop being so preachy on your blog—people liked you better when you talked about recipes and art.

Wishing a Happy New Year to All, and remember for health and happiness,  eat more pie!



Pink Flannel Jammies


I am in Mexico.

We had an easy trip in yesterday afternoon with not much traffic on the roads, excepting a group of old man bikers on Route 238 who refused to let me pass. Driving into town it was eerily quiet, and I commented that it reminded me of scenes from The Walking Dead with no signs of life to be found. Winter is not a big tourist time down here, which is shocking because it’s such a perfect time to visit. It’s cold at night, but the days are sunny and warm enough to comfortably wear our swimsuits. Our beach greeted us with its quiet elegance: clean cool sand, sparkling ocean, flocks of birds, jumping fish, and dolphins jumping and playing out in the cold winter sea.

Our beach house bed is sooooooo comfortable, and last night I slept like a baby (a baby who drank a lot of tequila). This morning I jumped out of bed at the crack of 8:30, eager to have my first cuppa joe on the patio while watching the birds over the ocean. Sleepily I walked outside, my hot cup in my hands. Then I caught my reflection in the sliding glass door and shrieked: Red fuzzy socks, bright blue running jacket, and the piece de resistance—my pink flannel jammie pants which are decorated with red/black/ plaid Scotty dogs. Holy Mother of Bed Head! The neighbors don’t need to see THAT! I scurried inside.

Lucky for me, by the time we’d eaten breakfast it was warm enough to put on a swim suit. I’ve been making a yummy thing for breakfast lately called Egg in the Hole. Not a newfangled recipe, but one I hadn’t tried before. Butter a large slice of good bread on both sides. Using a round cookie cutter, cut a whole out of the center. Place in a pan. Crack an egg into the center. Cook over medium heat. Watch to make sure you don’t burn the bread or overcook the egg. When the egg is well-set, use a spatula to flip it. It’s whimsical. It’s silly. It makes me smile.

We spent the entire day today reading, taking walks, examining shells and small tidepool creatures. Hubby found three coffee bean shells, which are rare indeed. http://species-identification.org/species.php?species_group=caribbean_diving_guide&id=408 The ones we have here in Rocky Point are a delicate pink and do not have spots. I have a jar at home with more than a hundred in it from my trips to this beach over the years. I have one coffee bean shell that I found on Norman Island in the BVI, but that is a story for a different day.

I was planning to stay here in Mexico for the entire week. Hubby has to go home to his job and also to take care of William and the pets. Since I am once again unemployed, I invited my sister to “work from home” here at our beach house and keep me company. I am waiting to see if she still wants to come, or if I will be going home today with Hubby. You see, today the whole town of Puerto Penasco was without internet. Can you imagine the town you live in having no internet for 12 hours on a Saturday? Everyone (including me) was a bit hysterical over the loss. On the beach we’d ask each other, “Is it back on yet? Is the sky falling?” About 4pm the web was restored, and we all sighed with relief. My sister needs the internet to do her work, so she may decide she should stay at home.

The sun is beginning to set, so I will make an orangarita (orange juice and tequila) and join the party on the beach. So many different people stay here in these condos—retired couples, middle-aged fisherman, young couples, college students, hen parties, etc., but EVERYONE comes out to their patio to see the sunset. It constantly amazes me, this appreciation for natural beauty. I mean, my OWN kids have to be dragged out to watch the sunset. I suppose it’s the old-fashioned, homey feeling of community that gets to me, that feeling of celebration as we watch the sunset with our beach neighbors, expectantly waiting for the “green flash.” It warms my cockles, and reassures me that all is right with the World.